Welcome to the web based home of Blue Warrior Group LLC.

We provide self defense, firearms training and various consultation services dealing with the subject of violence survival. We are a network of individuals dedicated to training for the realities of violent encounters. Our instructor network comes from various back-rounds and disciplines, including current Law Enforcement Officers. We are constantly developing training modules to suit the particular needs of our clients. We specialize in reality based self defense as well as weapons and tactics training for armed professionals and responsible citizens. The training programs are based on tedious and meticulous study of actual violence and proven tactics. 
What we will not do is make ridiculous claims that you and your fellow attendees will be transformed into invincible super heroes after a few training sessions. You may have heard claims from other training resources guaranteeing that you will be the deadliest warrior the planet has ever seen, (after you watch their DVD sets of course). If your desire is to be proclaimed invincible with a framed certificate to prove it you probably don't want to train with us. If you are concerned about your level of preparedness for potential violent encounters and you are always looking for an edge please consider one or more of our training options.